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How Not To Get Scammed When Using A Mobile Mechanics

Mobile mechanic industry is growing day by day. It is easier as no certification or qualification is required to become a mobile mechanic. Anyone can buy a toolbox and advertise on classifieds sites to become a mobile mechanic.

Lack of regulation and businesses has also allowed some not so nice individuals to enter into this industry. Consequently, some of these individuals use unethical practices and try to fleece consumers are out of their cash. Here are some tips on how not to get scammed when using a mobile mechanic.

Check the Bill Carefully

Your bill consists of two things. One is for labor and others is for parts. The charge for the labor depends on the number of hours worked or any pre agreed amount. As far as this part of the total bill is concerned, it should not a big issue, as you would know how much time the mechanic has spent. If it is being done on a fixed cost basis, you can do a web search and check for the usual fixed cost in your area on review websites.

However, when it comes to paying for parts, it is a whole different game. There is a possibility that the unethical mobile mechanic is going to charge you extra for parts. Sometimes, some of the mechanics take out parts from other vehicles that they have repaired and install it on another customer’s vehicle. Therefore, you need to pay attention when parts are being replaced in your vehicle. Insist on taking a look at the part before it is being installed in your vehicle.

Ask for Warranty

One of the better ways to check authenticity of a mobile mechanic is to ask for warranty. If the mechanic plans to be in business for the months and years to come, they will not hesitate from offering you warranty for their work and for the parts. Even though the time for warranty varies between various mechanics, professional mobile mechanics are likely to offer you a reasonable warranty period.

CertificationHow Not To Get Scammed When Using A Mobile Mechanics

As mentioned above, no licensing is required to become a mobile mechanic. One just needs to have a business license and one is good to go. However, in the field of professional mechanics, there is a national company that provides certification as a way for consumers to differentiate between competent and incompetent mechanics.

Ask the mechanic for the ASE certification. With this certification, the mechanic also needs to stay on top of the regular advances in the automotive industry. There are other certifications that are also good but ASE certification is more common.


It is important to check online reviews for the mechanic. There are many websites where consumers choose to share their experience with mobile mechanics. For checking their reviews, type the name of the mechanic along with mobile mechanic and it should definitely return some results. You may also check the reviews for the business.

Keep the above tips in mind and you are more likely to avoid getting scammed from a mobile mechanics.

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When you hire a mobile mechanic it is important that you check their credentials to make sure they are qualified and possess the correct business licenses before they begin working on your vehicle.