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Questions You Should Ask A Mobile Mechanic Before Hiring them

A mobile mechanic gives you convenience since you are guaranteed of professional car care no matter where you are. So even if your car breaks down by the road side you do not need to worry. However you have to be cautious when hiring a mobile mechanic because not everyone is as honest as you would wish them to be. 

Questions you should ask a mobile mechanic when hiring:

Ask if the mobile mechanic is certified by any professional body

Motor vehicle mechanics have bodies that certify them. By asking for certifications you are making sure that this is someone a legal body knows of his existence. These professional bodies lay out rules and regulations of how mechanics should work. If the mobile mechanic is certified then you have someone to talk to in case things go wrong.

What are the qualifications of the mechanic?

How much does the mobile mechanic know about auto repair? Get to know what makes him a good mechanic? What tests has he done and passed? A qualified mechanic will ask you very excellent questions in relation to the problem you have. Explain the problem and see how the mechanic reacts.

How reliable and prompt are mechanics?

When it comes to mobile auto repair reliability is the most important thing. What is the mechanic’s working hours and can you call them up even at night? You have to know such things so that you do not get any inconveniences. A reliable mobile auto mechanic will be available to serve you anytime.

Does the mechanic provide warranty for the services offered?

This is a key indicator of real professionalism especially in the auto repair industry. Before hiring, find out the types of warranties offered by the mechanic. Also be sure to get a written warranty once the service is done. This way you will be safe especially if you are hiring the mobile mechanic for the first time.

Get to know how much the services cost

Payment is a very crucial issue when dealing with mobile auto repair service providers. Agree with the mechanic whether you will be paying per hour or just a flat rate fee. It is always advisable to agree on a fixed price. As such even if the mechanic takes longer, then you have nothing to lose. In addition, check on the mechanic’s acceptable mode of payment. Confirm whether he take cash, or credit card.

How long has the mobile mechanic been in business?Questions You Should Ask A Mobile Mechanic Before Hiring Him

The longer the number of years a mobile mechanic has been in business the better. Many years translates to good experience. An experienced mechanic will never late you down.

Ask the mechanic to give you references

It is important that you meet and even talk to real people whom the mechanic has served. Get the views and opinions of these previous client’s on that particular mechanic. If his work was of good quality then you will definitely meet positive reviews. If you encounter any negative reviews then do thorough investigations before hiring.

Ask if the mechanic is insured

Insurance is very important since anything can happen during auto vehicle repair. Most mechanics avoid insurance because they do not think they can make mistakes. 


It is true that mobile mechanics helps you save a lot. You do not need to tow your car to the repair shop. However make sure you know a lot about the mechanic you want to hire. Once you get a good mechanic, build that relationship. Having a mechanic you can trust and rely on is very crucial.


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When you hire a mobile mechanic it is important that you check their credentials to make sure they are qualified and possess the correct business licenses before they begin working on your vehicle.